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Why Businesses Should Implement SEO Into Their Marketing Strategy

Why Businesses Should Implement SEO Into Their Marketing Strategy

The main goal of implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your business’ marketing strategy is to create authority for your brand. A business site with good SEO has a high organic ranking for the relevant keywords, which increases its credibility. However, we must keep in mind that this cannot be done overnight. It takes a lot of time and dedication.


Getting the best possible position in search engines is one of the main business goals for SEO that can be achieved by implementing the correct SEO practices. Together with PPC (Pay-per-click), SEO will reduce the time needed for your site to appear on the best positions in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Users tend to trust Search Engines a great deal, which means that sites with good ranking on the results page are considered by them to be credible and trustworthy as well.





The majority of searchers click on the organic search results, which means that a site with a good organic ranking will obtain more traffic, especially because they look more credible to savvy searchers. Having good SEO on your website will increase your chances to be visited and obtain quality traffic.

One of the best advantages of SEO is that, compared to PPC, it is completely free! You don’t have to pay to show ads for keywords with SEO. SEO requires time, but businesses can reap the benefits even if they are not in season because it is always a good time to start improving your site’s SEO. This is the reason that almost all businesses are working on their SEO, even in the off-season.

SEO is excellent for data collection as well. You can use free tools, such as Google Analytics, to collect data from your site and discover what keywords are working best for them. This will then help you improve your SEO even more by creating more qualified, relevant content to target those best performing keywords.

Best Practices

Here are some of the best practices you should implement into your SEO strategy:

1. Create valuable and unique content that involves your products and services. This will ensure that your website gets more qualified traffic.

2. Improve your page speed. This is so important that Google actually factors it into their search ranking system. Search engines want to serve content that loads really fast. This is because users that land on a site that doesn’t load fast enough will bounce back into the Search results and look for a different site.

3. Optimize your site’s images. Make sure that your images have a good resolution and file size. Images with a high file size won’t load as fast, which is why you need to make sure to set them up using the right size for web images.

4. Create a Google My Business listing. This builds a solid baseline for your business’ online presence. Google My Business is not the only way you can create business listings, but it is the most popular and well-known as your listing will show up for relevant searches at the top of the page.

5. Implement Sitemaps. Having a Sitemap on your site helps visitors find information about your pages and visit the ones they are interested in. Not only that, but it also helps Google index your entire site – another important factor in their ranking system. 

With this information in mind, consider implementing SEO into your business’ digital marketing strategy. You will continue to reap the benefits of having worked to have good SEO for years to come.